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title. Duckhorn Wine Company-Decoy Brand

date. 2017

city. Healdsburg, CA

Botrytis cineria is the biggest enemy for the vines. The fungus rise to two different kinds of infections on grapes. The first, grey rot, is the result of consistently wet or humid conditions, and typically results in the loss of the affected bunches. The second, noble rot, occurs when drier conditions follow wetter, and can result in distinctive sweet dessert wines, such as Sauternes or the Aszú of Tokaji/Grasă de Cotnari.


This project I study and developed a calculation system that can see your percentage Botrytis receival. This study has never done before and now wine industry can measure their Botrytized fruit. Therefore, Winemakers can adjust winemaking techniques according to Botrytis percentage.

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