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title. Create an artistically crafted wine and wine label

date. 2016

city. Santa Rosa, CA

case production. 30 cases

The project that involved small quantity 6 different grape varieties to create a crisp white wine. 

11% Albarino, 21% Semillion, 21% Chenin blanc, 21% Sauvignon blanc, 11% Verdelho, 16% Melon de bourgogne all the fruit comes from Russian River Appellation in California.  

In order to put craftsmanship, all the grapes pressed in basket press to get great aromatic extraction from the grapes. All grapes individually fermented before making the final blend. Initial grape brix was 21, the grapes were picked on purpose to have the acidity therefore we won't be needing excessive amount of sulfur dioxide for the people who has allergies for sulfur dioxide.

After tremendous blending sessions, "Les eleves" is born.

Les Eleves translates as the elevation. This wine aimed to elevate you from the current state of you are in and take you terroir based, crisp, lively, citrus flavor on the front plant, artistic yet simple and leave you serene state of mind. 




Les Eleves Russian River Dry White Wine Sonoma County
Les Eleves Spider Chart Aroma Profile
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les eleves russian river AVA_edited.jpg
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