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“He did an awesome job in very limited time” T. W.- Winemaker, CA, USA

“In my work now, I aim to bridge the gap between art and winemaking, to carry on and celebrate the results of something that’s captured much earlier. I venture to say that not many in this business understand or are able to see this as artful. But Yigit does.” A. M. - Winemaker, CA, USA 


“He has s deep sense of cost analysis, profitability and how to implement programs that control expenses while maintaining the highest level of quality. If I were in a position to hire Yigit, I would not hesitate. “ J.M.- Winemaker, CA, USA


“On a personal note, I have always found him to be curious, thirsty for knowledge, fun and sensitive to the “whole” picture towards creating success.  I consider him a trusted colleague.” E.C., Winemaker, Australia

"It was a tailor-made program for our visit to wine country" M. J.- Architect, Turkey




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